As Latinos, we grew up eating our abuela’s and madre’s great cooking – tacos, arroz con gandules, bacalaitos, etc., but there’s a problem, those dishes that we love are fried, starchy, fatty and unhealthy.  The Latino way of cooking is one of the reasons why Hispanics’ health are at risk and why Hispanics have the second highest rate of diabetes and obesity problems.  For these reasons, and others, is why La Cocina Viva was developed.  In addition, we are aware that people from many parts of the world enjoy Latino cuisine and there isn’t a cooking program on television that we feel really addresses that population.

La Cocina Viva is not just another cooking show. Our passion, talent, and concept behind this program set us apart from our competition.  There are a few cooking shows that showcase traditional Latino dishes, let alone demonstrate how it can be prepared in a healthy way. These are just some examples as to why La Cocina Viva is a different type of cooking program.

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